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Azerbaijan Pavilion
Biennale Arte 2024 National Participations – Azerbaijan (Republic of) 2024

A selection of works designed to invite the public to delve into one of the most urgent cultural and social themes of our time.

Title: From Caspian to Pink Planet: I Am Here

Commissioner: Ambassador Rashad Aslanov

Curators: Luca Beatrice, Amina Melikova

Artists: Vusala Agharaziyeva, Rashad Alakbarov, Irina Eldarova

Campo della Tana, Castello 2126/A

The exhibition project, designed at the Venetian studio OSTUDIO, presents a contemporary portrait of the fervent Azerbaijani artistic production through an exhibition path that investigates the themes of identity, origin, and migration as pillars of the contemporary cultural debate.

Drawing inspiration from her own personal experiences, including the move from a large city to a village, Vusala Agharaziyeva explores the theme of alienation, central to a cultural reflection involving the history of Azerbaijan.

Rashad Alakbarov explores the concept of birthplace and the ways in which this factor influences multiple aspects of our existence and identity.

Irina Eldarova, with the series of paintings “Girls Prefer Oilmen” (2013-2023), draws from her own personal history.


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